MyGift - An Everlasting Gift

Resolution towards fulfilling UMP’s vision as a leading technology university


For the very first time, all 80 members of the University Board of Directors (UBD) and the university management including the deans, directors, heads of department and senior officers got together in a programme called UMP Team Excellence.

The objective was to gather and collect ideas and recommendations that would fulfil UMP’s vision to be the leading technology university, one with a global status and financially sustainable.

The comprehensive programme was organised by Corporate & Quality Affairs Department (JHKK) and Registry and was held at Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on December 2, 2018. 

It was officially opened by UBD Chairman, Dato’ Sri Ibrahim Ahmad who was also one of the moderators in the programme.

Dato’ Sri Ibrahim said all participants got the chance to give their opinions, suggestions and comments relating to many topics that centred on future excellence, financial sustainability, producing holistic and marketable graduates, strategic investment, advanced management as well as the MyGift programme.

“The programme helps to foster closer ties, share of information, find means to further develop the university and set a well-defined path on UMP’s direction as a public university and as one of the technology universities (MTUN) that will meet the objectives set in the Malaysia Education Development Plan (Higher Education),” he said.

UMP Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dato’ Sri Dr. Daing Nasir Ibrahim who was also one of the moderators said the implementation of UMP Team Excellence programme was in line with UMP Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

“We are nearing the year 2019 and there are two more years to go for us to fulfil the aspirations outlined in the Strategic Plan with its theme – Generating Glory.

“The involvement of almost all of the members of UBD shows their strong support in making the vision a reality,” he said.

One of the members of UBD, Haji Ahmad Zakie Haji Ahmad Shariff, who was also one of the moderators said that there were a lot of strategic suggestions and out-of-the-box recommendations that could be turned into resolutions and immediately implemented so UMP would continue to create glory.

UBD Chairman himself contributed many ideas during discussions with the university management to ensure that the programme’s objective and outcome were achieved.

The programme also gave the opportunity for the UBD members and university’s top management to have direct interactions and discussions as part of the efforts taken to further enhance UMP’s quality.

At the same time, UBD got to know more about the university’s current situation, development and operations.


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