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UMP Cares – Food for All Programme for students and the needy

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The Islamic Centre and Human Development (PIMPIN) and MyGift Squad, Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) organised a programme called ‘Food for All’ as part of the efforts to tackle issues involving some of the university students who often had to go hungry due to financial constraint.

Under this programme, students are provided with free breakfast and lunch distributed at UMP mosques in Pekan and Gambang. 

On Thursdays, UMP even provided meals for breaking of fast for those who fast on that day.

The ‘Food for All’ coordinator Siti Nazira Hazudin from PIMPIN said they provided food such as biscuits, breads, crackers, fruits and drinks at the mosque that were mainly donated by the public and non-governmental organisations.

She said this when met during the presentation of special education incentive to new students.

As a show of support towards the university’s move to help the students, various initiatives were carried out by other departments as well.

The Student Affairs and Alumni Department (JHEPA)’s programme is called, ‘Kongsi Rezeki’ (Sharing of Sustenance), and together with the university cafeteria, they helped distribute food packs to students facing financial problems and those who were eligible, at both the campuses in Gambang and Kuala Pahang.

The Residential College Representatives (PEKA) delivered free breakfast meals distributed at certain allotted times.

As for the #BPACare ‘Gerobok Rezeki’ (Cupboard of Sustenance) project, Academic Management Division (BPA) in Gambang and Pekan had cupboards filled with basic essential items for the students to take for free.

According to Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni), Professor Dato’ Dr. Yuserrie Zainuddin, the university had a role to play in producing professionals to develop the country and as such, university students needed to focus on their studies in an environment that was conducive.

“The reality is that some of the less fortunate students do have problems to continue with their studies because of academic problems or lack of expenses. It is the responsibility of the university to ensure that they complete their studies.

“This social responsibility is not an option but something that needs to be done. Aids received are in many forms and are also based on the university’s own capacity.

“The aids are in the forms of tithes, scholarships, special assistance before classes commenced and welfare aids for fee and medical payments,” he said.

He said the students were also encouraged to do business as the university had spaces allotted for such a purpose as well as biz box.

“For the less fortunate ones, we create the opportunity for them to work and study so they can earn extra income but for them to do so without compromising their academics. Priority is still on their studies so they must know how to divide their times. They must also get advice from the counsellors so their academic performances can be monitored.
“This is to ensure that while they get some training and exposure on doing business, their studies are also monitored and are not affected,’’ he added.

UMP welcomes contributions from university staff, students, alumni, individuals and corporate bodies, be it locally or abroad, for this noble cause that will further help knowledge to thrive in the university.
Contributions can be made using e-banking through MyGift portal at the university’s website,

Facts on the Student Scholarship Endowment

•    Scholarship Sponsorship for Outstanding Students of Poor Background

UMP offers scholarships to outstanding students of poor background to help them study in the university and pursue higher education. The sponsorship covers tuition fees, accommodation and expenses.

•    Education Incentive

An incentive of RM1,000 is given to potential students with financial constraints and who wish to pursue their studies in UMP. The incentive is to help with the fees or expenses while in the university.

Types of Endowments/Funds of UMP MyGift
1.    Endowment for Chair
2.    Endowment for Student Scholarship
3.    Endowment for Laboratory/Facilities
4.    Ramadan Fund
5.    Mosque Fund 
6.    Disaster Fund
7.    Wakaf Fund
8.    Community Fund
9.    Fund to Contribute for Infrastructure.

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